Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Vanillin Gluten Free?

Does vanillin contain gluten? My mother made gluten free choc chip cookies for my son and she called the manufacturer and they said that they were gluten free and casein free. No wheat or milk derivatives.

But they contain vanillin and I thought that was an “unacceptable”, so what do you think?

I found some answer for my question in a forum that said pure vanillin should be gluten free, but if the vanillin is in an alcohol solution there are chances that it is a grain alcohol which is not gluten free. The chances may be slim but it is best to contact the manufacturer.


  1. If you have any questions on what can and cannot be eaten download the Food Tester app for the iPhone. It will be able to check vanilla extracts for gluten along with many other ingredients in your grocery cart.
    You're welcome ;)

  2. Really you have shared nice information about Gluten Free diet. However, with more awareness and the increase of gluten in the foods that we eat, people have now become very conscious of the food they eat and the amount of gluten in it. Well thanks you for sharing nice information...